6 recent huffpost articles on plastic

It’s time to share! I constantly find content, mostly on the internet, that I simultaneously can’t believe and need to share as much as possible.

Click the links, read the madness, then come back and tell me all your thoughts!

Big Business Wants You To Think It’s Fixing The Plastic Crisis. Don’t Buy It.

Businesses that make single-use items need to think about what happens to their products when they’ve reached the end of their lives, said Dune Ives, the head of the environmental nonprofit Lonely Whale Foundation.

Fawning Over ‘Fiji Water Girl’ Ignores The Evils Of Bottled Water

There’s nothing particularly special about bottled water from Fiji, you must know. “The only really unique thing about Fiji is its distance,” said Gleick, adding that the company has “one of the largest carbon footprints in the world” among water bottle companies.

People Are Living Inside Landfills As The World Drowns In Its Own Trash

Trash pickers who hike into the landfill spend their days in the tropical heat combing through broken glass, medical waste, rotting food and graying plastic bags. They look for valuables, raw materials and recyclables to exchange for cash.

Sarah Jeanne-Roey via Huffington Post

A Huge Mystery About Ocean Plastics Remains Unsolved

While it is unclear how much of the plastics have turned into gases and how much of those gases escape to the atmosphere or stay sequestered in the oceans, this could constitute a significant but unmeasured source of greenhouse gas emissions, she said.

Humans Are Pooping Plastic, And No One’s Certain How Bad That Is

All eight volunteers were found to have particles of most of the nine most common classes of plastics, including polypropylene and PET.

3 wooden shelves with matching sealed glass jars of food stuffs
Natural Weigh via huffington post

We Live In A World Full Of Plastic, And People Are Sick Of It.

Until consumers started to campaign loudly, food, drink and other heavy plastic-using businesses took little responsibility for single-use plastic waste, expecting urban collection services and a small recycling market to clean up the litter and dispose of their products.  

Are there even words to describe this world we live in? There are so many thoughts, what’s your biggest take away?

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