Change is coming.

Hi again.

I haven’t posted anything for a bit for the same reason I started this site: I’m intimidated by the info out there about climate change. I’m frustrated with people in places of power doing nothing and actively fighting against efforts to fight climate change. For what? Money? What good is money when the planet under our feet is no longer viable for human life?

I’m overwhelmed by all the micro stories I see of animals brutalized by plastics. Let alone what’s happening on a macro scale with shifting weather patterns etc.  And I look up from my phone and am surrounded by plastics in my home and I get sad for being part of the problem. I know I’m making changes and switches but this part right now is very hard to live in. 

I read recently (on the internet so with a grain of salt but I like it) that the first thought you have is based on how you were conditioned. The follow up thought to that is who you actually are. I like it because that’s been my life recently but it’s also an exhausting way to live with an internal battle between your conditioning and your self. It almost reminds me of the YA novel The Host. (Yes by the twilight author and yes it was made into a movie that I couldn’t watch because I liked the book too much)

Humans have forever changed the trajectory of the earth’s life cycle. Now, I hope that humans at large can find ways to stem the tide of these changes so that we don’t experience great devastation and that our future generations can live fully. 

Change is unavoidable on the planet level but also in our own daily lives. Change is our only constant. As we continue to gain experiences and increase our knowledge of the world, we as individuals change everyday. Our surroundings and actions changes too. Most of these changes are slow and imperceptible but some are more actively changed. 

Remember when bringing your own bags to the grocery store was new? Or when you used to get Starbucks in single use cups without blinking an eye? Or when you were 13 and wouldn’t leave the house period unless you had swathes of blue eye shadow on your eyes and/or swipes of glitter on your cheeks? (No? Just me on that last one? Cool cool)

Our animal brains fear the unknown- evolutionarily that’s how we’re still here. But the kicker is that everything is an unknown. We calm ourselves with experience and information and call it “routine” but everyday and every action no matter how many times you’ve done it before is a gamble. I’m not trying to freak you out. My point is that we as humans don’t like to think about and anticipate change and the paradox is that without change we couldn’t be where we are in this moment. Or the next moment.

The human brain has a great capacity to create its own blind spots. We all actively don’t think about any variety of things that make us uncomfortable. And that’s so critical for a lot of horrific things. Unfortunately this tactic is being used too well when it comes to climate change. We assume that someone else will make it better because we can’t imagine life as we know it changing. There isn’t a problem (in most people daily lives at least) to react to yet so why bother right?

And for those of us who have removed their blinders around climate change and recognize the need to make changes to stem this tide are overwhelmed by the atrocities they see. I want to crawl back into my safe blind hole where everything is fine because someone else will fix it. But I can’t. Not for too long at least. So I find small ways to makes changes in my own life. And I daydream about posts to share here but don’t work on them because that’s been too much ‘to do’ on top of my own personal stuff. But I’m here now and hope this resonates with at least one person.

I wrote this in one go and could change it but I’ll leave it here as is.

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