3 More Petrichors-approved Online Shops

Check out the first 4 shops here

1. Grove.co

Home and beauty products that are good for your body and good for the environment, most of the time.

This is an example of imperfect solutions. There is a lot of plastic packaging on this site- but the products themselves that are packaged are relatively better. AND if you dig around just a little bit, there are some GREAT finds here that I haven’t found elsewhere with such ease of shopping.

I have a VIP membership which helps track monthly shipments, free shipping and freebies.

What sold me on this site is the paper products- I know, just wait a second: their facial tissues, toilet paper and paper towels are made from bamboo which is a far more sustainable resource. How cool is that? And the thin plastic packaging is fully recyclable. So if you’re not ready to go full zero waste, like my husband and I, then this is a great stepping stone that is more eco-friendly for where the product is sourced and how it is disposed of.

2. Mercari, Nextdoor App, craigslist, and facebook

Purchasing new or used goods from the public. There are pros and cons to this approach. It’s worth the effort when you’re avoiding buying “new” whenever possible in your low waste journey.

These places are far less organized, may not have exactly what you’re looking for, and require interacting with and trusting a variety of personalities BUT the upside is you can get great deals/steals and give a variety of items a new home. And it’s fun window shopping if you’re like me.

I found my coffee table on facebook marketplace and my jewelry cabinet on craigslist. I recently started buying and selling on Mercari- it’s like craigslist but in a user friendly app form that generates shipping labels because everything is shipped instead of scheduling meet ups etc.

3. Etsy: vintage and zero waste brands

Etsy vintage was my original reduced waste online clothes shopping before I discovered thredUP. There are some great vintage etsy shops, there are styles for every style, size, and budget. When I shop Etsy I always start my searches with the store locator filter in my state in an attempt to reduce any potential shipping footprint.

And now that it’s 2019, vintage doesn’t just mean ’50s pin up dresses, the ’90s are technically included in vintage for better or worse.

Etsy Zero Waste brands: I’ll share my favorite shops in a future post but this is really a great place to shop around for zero waste beauty, kitchen and household needs. Tell me your fave shops!

honorable mentions for online retailers that I follow on IG but haven’t purchased from yet (have you?! tell me what you think of their product(s)!)

  • marleys monsters (update: I’m waiting for my first UNpaper towels to arrive!)
  • my byta
  • regenerous designs
  • live vessel
  • 4ocean
  • packagefreeshop
  • ecocollective (I went to their Ballard storefront and bought bamboo travel utensils but haven’t shopped their online store yet)
  • final straw

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