petrichor, n: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

this is not a curated lifestyle blog. this is not a ploy for you to give me money. this is my last ditch effort to inspire in others what I know to be true: humans are actively killing the planet we walk on and we all have to URGENTLY work together in small and large ways to save our collective home.


Petrichors Army is a community and social movement to help every person shift their daily life choices: to save the planet everyday. No one (not even little ol’ me) is perfect at anything, especially “zero waste” or eco-conscious living. But if we all tried to be better in incremental ways then we would impact change for the better.

It’s time to put our money where our IG post is: we, you and me together, can and will change the face of the market, and subsequently reduce human harm on this planet, by shifting where and how we spend our money. It’s a consumer’s market and corporations are just living in it.

You and I are:
-the tail end of the failed human experiment
-one race on one planet
-the ones pushing to stop the Earth’s momentum down the hill of destruction instead of running away from it.
-doing the best we fucking can on any given day

Head over to our starter kit for why you should start making more sustainable daily life choices: here

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About Jennifer, co-owner of Your Personal Crafter and creator/one woman show of Petrichors.Army:

Jennifer is your average creative human just doing her best at any given moment, which usually just means putting off the constant desire to eat. She grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and now lives in the greater Seattle area with Joe (the husband/best friend and YPC co-owner) and their 2 cats. She doesn’t like writing about herself in the third person so TTFN.

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