4 Petrichors-Approved Online Stores

I enjoy shopping. Retail therapy is real for me. This does not jive with the zero waste principle to use what you have or go without. I also am a home-body and appreciate online shopping for it’s convenience and variety of options. This mixed bag of priorities has led me to find these eco-friendly online shops.

You can read all about their awesome missions on their own sites- I’ll attempt to keep this post boiled down to why I love them in particular because #notspon #iwish

Please add your faves in the comments!

1. thredUP.com

“Secondhand clothes. Firsthand fun.”

Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase (and I’ll get $10 too after your first purchase!) http://www.thredup.com/r/6VIECY

For the past year, thredUP has been my first stop for women’s clothes, shoes and accessories. They also have a kids section but I haven’t had occasion to shop it yet- have you checked it out?

The thredUP mobile app is great for window shopping- browsing just for the thrill of the hunt without buying now. On the app and on desktop, they have awesome features: favorite-ing items, saving of and filtering by “my sizes,” and the option to filter by warehouse location closest to you (for faster shipping and reduced carbon footprint).

My favorite feature is that your cart is good for 24 hours! These are one of a kind pieces being sold online so it’s awesome that you can hold onto an item for up to 24 hours in your cart if you need to think about it.

Not only do you save money by shopping secondhand but these gently used clothes are being given a second life. The nature of secondhand shopping is that one of kind items are added regularly and when they’re gone, they’re gone so it pays to check in often.

I personally feel slightly less bad for buying fast-fashion second-hand because my money isn’t going to the fast-fashion company. I’m not in a place to invest in all ethically made fashion so this is a nice alternative for right now.

One downside to thredUP in this amazon-prime-era is that the shipping does take some time (2-3 weeks?), so plan ahead when possible.

I hope a men’s section is in the works. Although, my husband previously has mentioned an issue with wearing second-hand clothes. Does anyone in your family have that hesitation too?

2. Lushusa.com

Lush is doing everything right by me:

  • Their products work well and are made of natural ingredients,
  • their packaging is either naked, reusable or recyclable,
  • their customer service is on point,
  • and they’re the poster child for being a successful corporation with a conscience.
  • Oh and they accept returns if you don’t like their product,
  • and have a phenomenal social media presence.

For first time users I highly recommend going to a storefront if possible, to get the full customer experience to test out their products. I’m not usually one for accepting in-store demos BUT I’ve always had positive and enthusiastic experiences with lush sales associates. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy about making a sale.

The best part is that once you find what works for you and/or feel comfortable trying similar products then their online shop is a breeze, has quick shipping AND ships with eco-friendly packaging.

My next purchase will be in-store because I have 5 empty containers to return (for them to reuse!) in exchange for a free fresh face mask and I am PUMPED.

3. ImperfectProduce.com

Ugly produce to your door at a discount. Available in CA, OR, WA, IL, IN, WI, TX, MD and VA.

Firstly, use my code for $10 off your first box (and I get $10 off if you do): http://imprfct.us/lcbfH

Secondly, check out their website for GREAT information about the awesome-ness that they’re doing to capture and re-distribute fruits and veg that don’t meet grocery store beauty standards and/or are surplus.

My main takeaways from using Imperfect Produce are:

  • saving the resources used to produce this produce,
  • severe discounts on quality product,
  • and it’s a mini challenge every week to meal plan around what arrives in the box.

My experience recently with customizing my box each week is that it’s hit or miss- my educated guess is that they do their best with everyone’s customization requests but they’re growing so fast as a company the demand is greater than their limited quantities. Additionally, in the 7 ish months I’ve been using their services, I’ve only had one or 2 items be beyond ripe when they arrived which is a pretty great average.

I have the “medium all veggie” box and usually spend $13-18/box/week for Joe and I. Depending on my resulting meal plan I then need 0-4 additional veggies from the grocery store. This box price includes mostly organic produce too. Even though I start with all veggies I’ve been adding fruit when I customize.

And I may be a little biased towards their work because they published my recipe over the holidays in their All Sides Welcome free e-cookbook: http://allsides.imperfectproduce.com/

4. UnitedByBlue.com

“Responsible Durable Goods” for every item purchased, 1 pound of trash is removed from the ocean.

I discovered this wonderful site through their collaboration with Lonely Whale (the Strawless in Seattle folks). United By Blue brands themselves as an outdoorsy type of shop but as a couch potato myself, I have still found a number of items worth purchasing on their site.

  • They have clothing options in eco-conscious fabrics like hemp,
  • everything I’ve purchased has been top notch quality,
  • and I just really respond to their aesthetics
  • as well as their mission to remove trash from the ocean.

So what do you think? What details about these shops did I miss that you want to know?